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Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Review

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[/easyazon-link] I recently purchased the [easyazon-link asin=”B001UHZAYS”]Nespresso Aeroccino Plus[/easyazon-link] home milk frother. While I usually prefer my coffee straight, my wife often enjoys a weekend latte. We picked this up on sale at a fairly good price and it being Nespresso I wasn’t too concerned about the quality knowing the quality of their other machines.

The nice thing about this frother is that is also heats the milk while it is frothing. Previously we had been using a gadget powered by batteries which did the job, but this serves as a nice upgrade.

A few cool features, you can press the button twice instead of once and it won’t heat, also, there’s an attachment you can swap for the frothing one which will stir milk to keep it from burning which is nice if you just want to heat milk without frothing it.

Another pro is that it’s quite easy to clean, with the inside being coated with a teflon type coating to keep the milk from sticking to it. You just need to give it a rinse and then a thorough wipe to make sure everything is cleaned out.

Note, if you’re used to steaming your own milk, than this won’t match the same quality you’ve been used to. No machine can match a steamed milk latte. For the ease of use though, and especially if pairing with a Nespresso machine without a milk steamer this really can’t be beat to make it a complete package.

Review Type: Coffee Machine / System

Recommendation: Recommended

The Aeroccino Plus is available to purchase online at Amazon.com, and the price is a bit cheaper than purchasing from Nespresso directly which is a bonus.
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