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Ethical Bean Exotic Roast Review

In our opinion Ethical Bean makes some of the best tasting roasts in the world at this price point. It’s a great thing now that you can pick up such great beans at many local grocery stores.  I recently picked up the exotic roast which they label as a medium.

It’s aroma is very pleasant if not a touch sweet, and is very balanced throughout all of the flavours. Very well roasted, as is the case for all of their roasts, and is a very nice “please everyone” type of coffee that should appeal to almost anyone’s palate.  Ethical Bean’s roasts measure up to the best gourmet cup you’ll find in high end cafes, but with the convenience of making it your favourite way at home yourself.

Overall, I like the Ethical Bean roasts, the exotic roast adds a variety of flavour you wouldn’t find in the other roasts. Although I usually prefer to have a bold roast, the medium exotic is very nice and still has plenty of flavour and kick.

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