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Doi Chaang Civet Coffee Review

Copyright Tigrou MeowI recently had the occasion to taste Civet Coffee for the first time. As you probably know, Civet Coffee is coffee that has been specially prepared by Civet Cats, such as the one in the picture on the left. This particular variety came from Doi Chaang Coffee.

First Impressions:

It was incredibly sweet to the taste, not quite as though sugar had been added but a combination of the texture and aroma made it seem like a different variety of coffee all together. It was extremely enjoyable, not very acidic or bitter. If anything it seemed a touch milder than I was expecting.

At the price this civet coffee is offered at there’s no doubt it is more of a special occasion coffee, one you drink to have the experience and story to tell which can’t be said about many other coffees.

Review Type: Whole Bean Coffee

Recommendation: Highly recommended to try!

While Doi Chaang’s availability is limited, I’ve also just ordered another Civet Coffee I’m eager to try. Kopi Luwak is the more famous brand, coming from the Phillipines. I’ll be sure to follow up with a review on how it compares.

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